Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Last night at 4:04am, we had a 4.4 earthquake epicentered about 10 miles away. I was only half-conscious of the entire thing. I remember suddenly being aware that the room was shaking, and the quake was over before I had even finished questioning whether I was dreaming or awake. But the split second of fear was enough to get my heart racing like a jackrabbit. It crossed my mind at that point that I still need to fasten my TV-bearing bookshelf to the wall. Then I was just pissed that I had been woken up at 4am for nothing, since I was already not getting enough sleep.

But like, having to fasten shit to the wall? I really hate California. A place where you have to arrange your belongings under the consideration that the EARTH BELOW YOU MIGHT SHAKE THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR HOUSE... that's not really a home. In a few years, I hope to move somewhere non-quakey.

Anyway, I did like the fact that I was barely even aware of the quake. I would like to sleep through every earthquake from now on. Whether it's another bullshit tiny one or the big one that kills thousands of people including me... either way, I'd rather not be awake.