Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Last night I went to see The Great Debaters, which was very good. It was directed by Denzel Washington. There was a kid in it who plays the son of Forest Whitaker. He is part of a debate team coached by Denzel Washington, and the influence of these two men mold him into a... well, a great debater. At the end credits, I saw the name of the actor who played this kid.

Denzel Whitaker.

What? Oh, fuck off! That's his real name? He is supposedly not related to either of them. What's weird though is that this kid looks EXACTLY like Forest Whitaker, and acts with the intensity of Denzel Washington. I think what happened is they took the DNA of Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker and combined it to make their exact genetic hybrid (and then just invented him a backstory with fake parents). Denzel Whitaker is therefore the greatest actor that has ever walked the earth. To date.



Ben said...

That's pretty funny. Happy new year - and - your bro still has my HP...

Ben said...
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Ben said...
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AKG said...

This actually has nothing to do with Denzel Whitaker, though that's crazier than all that shit about Lincoln's sectary's name being Kennedy, and vice versa.

Anyway, I had to remark on your comment about Barry and 24. It's hilarious because about an hour ago, before reading your comment, I was complaining to Angelyn that it's really hard teaching a creative writing class (I'm teaching Writing for Film and TV this semester). She was like, "It can't be that hard. Can't you just copy the teachers you had? Just teach the class the way they did." And to this I replied, "So I should talk to Drew and Diego about 24 for the first hour?" Then I went online and read your comment. Weird!