Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Why Borders Rewards Sucks.

It's free and easy to sign up, so why not. Every time you go to Borders, you show them your Borders Rewards card, and they scan it with your purchase.

But what does this actually do?

First, you have to make sure it's a Qualifying Purchase. Qualifying Purchases are purchases you make that qualify for Borders Bucks accrual. It has to be in a participating store, and it can be anything they sell (excluding purchases of gift cards and gift certificates, online transactions, or any transaction that involves Group Savings and Services or Teacher/Classroom discounts). Then you can get your Borders Bucks.

And what are Borders Bucks?

Well, whenever you spend any money at Borders, it is entered into your Qualifying Purchases balance. When you spend a cumulative amount of $150, you earn 5 Borders Bucks. Those bucks are only available to you in the month FOLLOWING the month in which they were earned. When that month is over, the 5 Borders Bucks go away. What if you reach the $150 in Qualifying Purchases and you get the 5 Borders Bucks, but you're not aware that it's even there? Then you don't get it. You have to catch the next one. Which will no doubt be easy, considering how everyone can afford to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars at Borders all the time. But you better be careful, because at the end of every calendar year, your Qualifying Purchases balance, wherever it's at, gets reset back to zero. Why? So it will be harder for you to get Borders Bucks.

If anything, this actually makes me want to shop at Borders less.



Ben said...


Scott decided the other day to sign up for Border's Rewards. I had, being an avid reader of your blog warned him - don't do it.

Border's Rewards sucks. As per Diego's blog. However, in my rush, I've only read the first bit of the blog and not the whole entry, which truly underlines why BRS.

This all being said, I couldn't make a good argument to Scott why he shouldn't get the card.

So, lesson learned. If you read a blog - read the whole blog.

That is all.

_ Ben

Big D said...

Well, that's okay. Borders Rewards doesn't suck in that it's actually detrimental to sign up for it-- just that it's not anywhere near as good as it should be. But since it's free, you might as well be a member.

Just don't expect to come home every day with piles of free books, or any kind of tangible reward, ever.


Cheryl said...

You're right, its ridiculous. only about 3.35% in savings? At least give me a good coupon for any month in which I purchase books. What average person spends $150 a month there? If you do you should get a better reward than $5. It costs more than $5 just to drive there these days.

However, here is a tip: if you sign up to answer surveys on eRewards.com you can get $15 added to your Borders rewards card for a month. Only once per year, but it's nice. It's like a free book or two once a year, which is always a good thing. Hopefully that offer lasts a good long time.

If anyone else knows of any other companies that offer Borders Bucks let us know!

Travis said...

S&H Green Points also offers Borders Bucks, and Borders Rewards does NOT suck. You do NOT have to spend the $150 in a single month; it is cumulative. I get about two coupons a week, ranging from 20 to 40 percent off, you can use Borders Rewards at Borders, Borders Express, Waldenbooks, and Borders.com, and they give out special rewards occasionally, such as the $10 gift card I just got for spending $50. In addition, e-Rewards now puts all $15 of their prize on your card at once. Personally, I don't know why people keep bitching about getting cheap and free stuff. If you aren't getting cheap and free stuff by using Borders Rewards, then you are doing it wrong.

Big D said...

Well, I didn't say you had to spend the $150 in a single month. But you do only get a single month to spend the 5 Borders Bucks that that cumulative $150 will get you. And you may never reach $150 in Qualifying Purchases, if you spend less than that by the end of the calendar year, when they reset your balance back to zero.

I don't know why people keep bitching about my bitching.

Patrick said...

I saw this on Google and thought I would add my comment. They have a website now where you can use your card. Teachers can now use it. They send an email about your bucks, so if you don't checkyour email, your fault not theirs. Also the coupons in itself are worth it. Plus unlike others stores its free so its worth it to have and get that much then get nothing at all.

Jordyn said...

Diego, do you know all these people commenting? Or are they secret Borders employees?

Big D said...

Well, I know Ben. But these other jokers just found the blog on Google I think.