Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ripped off.

Today I went to get a haircut at one of the Supercuts on Sunset. If memory serves, a haircut at Supercuts used to be no more than like $13. For all I know, back in Orlando or somewhere else, it might still be. But on Sunset, it's currently $15.50. And that's without the tip, you know. I used to always tip about $2. But out here (and I guess everywhere else), that's an insult. So I make it my practice to always tip $3, which is somewhere between 19 and 20% (for an already overpriced haircut, let's not forget). I guess they must consider THAT an insult too, because today, when I paid with my debit card, they charged me for a $5 tip (which, for those curious, is somewhere between an outrageous 32 and 33%). This may have been an accident, but I don't see how that's possible, considering I had written down $3 under "tip" and $18.50 under "total." Isn't this illegal? I didn't catch it till after I got home. But I wonder, what would happen if I went back and demanded my $2? This money errantly went to the cosmetologist who cut my hair, not the actual store. Would they give me the money out of the register or force someone to pay me out of their pocket? Is $2 even worth this kind of hassle? Probably not. Fuck these ugly whores. I'm changing Supercuts.


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