Monday, April 23, 2007


As long as I'm only talking about TV shows, let me say this. I love Entourage. But with every week, I am becoming more aware of its most damning flaw-- it is the only show I watch that always feels like an incomplete first half. Can't we see about extending this fucker next season? Comedy can be done in the hour-long format. Look at Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal. I know these aren't technically comedies; they're hilarious dramas. But then, so is Entourage.

We're three episodes into this season, which is actually not a real season, but part 2 of Season 3, part 1 of which aired last summer. It kinda works that they split it up like this, because they left us on a motherfucker of a cliffhanger, but next time, I hope they just let the season run intact. I don't care about spreading the good times out. I prefer to see shows in localized stretches, from premiere to finale, like 24. Here's my thoughts so far on Entourage, Season 3 (part 2).

3.13 -- Less Than 30 -- This was the one with Vince's birthday. I particularly loved Ari's storyline. I think it's great that he's suffering not because he lost a big client, but because he genuinely loves Vince, and it will be good to see how they ultimately reunite. Not sure what the hell the title means; although I guess it's a reference to Vince's age.
3.14 -- Dog Day Afternoon -- It's a good show, don't get me wrong. But you know how in every sitcom, you have the important A storyline, and you back it up with some fun B and C plots? This was like two B plots glued together.
3.15 -- Manic Monday -- Better than last week, but I was shocked when the credits started rolling in what was basically the middle of the action. It's clear from these last two episodes that the writers have good stuff on their hands, but they have no idea how the hell to package it.

There's only five episodes left in the season. I hope they're a little more self-contained, without completely ignoring season-long arcs like Dog Day Afternoon over there. All I can say is, if Vince and the gang aren't having hour-long adventures next season, they better start airing 'em two at a time. Or I'm gonna start paying waiters to take away Doug Ellin's meals before he even touches his fries.


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