Tuesday, April 24, 2007

John Tesh.

I had things pretty good in Orlando. Aside from obvious things like friends, my apartment in Pegasus Landing afforded me some mighty fine luxuries. I lived right next door to a Moe's Southwest Grill, so like... when you hear about people "living the life?" That was pretty much it right there. I also used to listen to The John Tesh Radio Show every night. It was a good show, because he would play lots of soft rock and pop while intermittently giving me fun facts and intelligence for my life. It was just a nice relaxing way to fill the ambience in my room between Pegasus Landing shootings. I get the show here in LA too, but there's a few minor differences.

- Instead of playing from midnight to 5am (the chillaxed overnight stretch), it plays from 7pm to midnight. Which is when I'm generally doing other things.
- Instead of playing all those good tunes, it plays Christian music, because it's a Christian station.
- The reception sucks.

The closest station I have that plays John Tesh at the time I want is in Palm Springs (110 miles away). I suppose I could stream the Orlando station online, which would give me my old Orlando Tesh from 9pm to 2am, due to the time zone difference. Maybe I'll give that a try. I don't think I would have thought of this plan if I hadn't decided to write about it in this blog. I guess blogs are useful.


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