Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The My So-Called Life Box Set.

Today was the release date for the new My So-Called Life DVD Box Set. As I mentioned yesterday, my plan was to go to Target and use a gift card to buy it. I figured I didn't have to call ahead this time, because it was only the first day of its release. So I drove to the Glendale Target and went directly to the TV DVDs. It wasn't there. There wasn't even any sign of it on the display showing upcoming TV DVD releases. But guess what they did have there? A pristine copy of the Saw Trilogy Box Set.



If you recall my previous entry, when I called the Glendale Target during my search for the Saw Trilogy Box Set, they told me they were sold out, so I didn't even bother going. I could have cut my entire day in half! EVERY PIECE OF INFORMATION I GATHERED BY PHONE YESTERDAY WAS INCORRECT. WHY IS EVERYONE ON THIS PLANET A FUCKING IDIOT? I think I would have liked to be born during a time of adventurous space travel.

But then, maybe that's a bad idea too. I'd probably spend months traveling between galaxies only to arrive and find that they were sold out of all the space bullshit I was looking for in the first place.

While walking out of the mall, I called the Santa Monica Target, and the guy was acting like he'd never heard of the My So-Called Life box set. He said something about November. No, not November. Dickhead. Now. This thing is on sale all over the internet, INCLUDING THE TARGET WEBSITE. FUCK!


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