Thursday, April 3, 2008

Made of Honor.

There's a movie coming out called Made of Honor. It stars Patrick Dempsey as a guy who's a shameless womanizer, and whose best friend is a pretty girl played by Michelle Monaghan. Their relationship is unbelievably platonic, but when she goes on vacation, he realizes that he loves her. So when she comes back, he goes to make his move, but whoops-- she's got a fiancee! And she wants him to be her maid of honor! What the fuck! Now it's up to him and his scheming guy friends to break up the engagement.

If you ask me, the title of this movie should be, "My Best Friend's Wedding," because it's essentially a fucking remake, but it's actually called, "Made of Honor." Get it? It's a pun on "maid of honor." That's great. The problem is that the pun makes no sense. See, a pun should have, at the very least, a double meaning. Like, the movie "Witless Protection," starring Larry the Cable Guy. The first meaning comes from the fact that he's in witness protection, and the pun gives it the second meaning; that he's a witless moron. But there's nothing about Patrick Dempsey's situation that fits with the literal interpretation of "Made of Honor." He's MADE of honor? No. That doesn't work. This movie is shit.


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