Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where Not to Sit II.

This is a continuation of my entry from March 13, People Telling Me Where Not to Sit: A Story in Two Parts (part two specifically). Today I took my brother to the DMV for another crack at the driving test. Again, I was told to step out of my car, and I approached the bench on the side of the building, where there was already a girl reading a textbook. I sat down peacefully next to her with my book. But the same woman who booted me off the benches last time was watching me walk, and when I sat down, she told the both of us that we had to move to the front of the building.

But this time I wanted answers. So when she said this, I responded, "How come?" She paused, thrown by this potential challenge.

"How come?" she repeated.

She then pointed at a sign behind me on the wall that said:


I could see I had already started to upset her, so I ended my line of questioning right there. But if I had felt more leeway, I would've pointed out that my car was being used for a drive test, and that the drive test applicants themselves are never required to be outside the car at any point, which would've segued to my ultimate question, "Why are there benches here?"

On a side note, I told my brother before the test that if he passed, we would get dinner at Boston Market, but if he failed again, we would get dinner somewhere shitty. He passed (it took me three tries too). I gotta remember this Boston Market trick in the future.


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